5 Things I’ve Learnt From Home Alone

Home Alone was not a movie I watched often as a child but has now firmly become a favourite with my own family. It happens to be one of Finlay and David’s favourite Christmas movies. We first watched it with Finlay when he was three and he called it Kevin Home Alone, a name that has stuck with us. I must admit I find it rather hard to watch. The concept of leaving your child behind while you go abroad and then said kid being able to hatch such an elaborate plan to stop burglars at age eight, to me, is highly unrealistic but I won’t dwell on that. Instead I want to share 5 things I’ve learnt from watching this Christmas classic. Enjoy!

1. When doing a head count of your children always make sure you see their faces. Purely counting heads is not enough.

2. Either use an analog alarm clock or your phone. You never know when or why the power will cut!

3. Don’t think because a child looks angelic with big blue eyes and soft blonde hair that they are angelic. They could be plotting to take you down in the most brutal way!

4. Teach your kids how to be independent and self sufficient. Just in case you do accidentally leave them at home when you go on holiday you won’t need to worry about them being able to feed or entertain themselves.

5. Appreciate your family. They are the only one you’ll get. And if they are annoying you, take some time to yourself so when you are reunited you will realise how much you’ve missed them.

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