My (not so) Picture Perfect Life

Recently I’ve been scrolling through others’ social media feeds and feeling inadequate.

I see the pictures with bunches of tulips, the perfectly placed coffees and the stay at home mums who’ve managed to contour their make up! Then I look in the mirror and I’m met with my stained joggers, scruffy greying hair and my oversized Granny cardigan to keep me warm.

Now I’m not naive enough to think that the photos others chose to show are always a true reflection of their life. I’ve been there too. Snapping away, only to delete 48 photos and keep 2. I’ve turned coffee cups to the left and then back round to the right again to make sure the handle was on display. I’ve got my children to recreate a moment because when it first happened I didn’t have my phone on me and I want others to see how “cute” they are.

But to be honest I’m tired. I’m tired of feeling like I need to be a certain way on social media. I’m a mother to a four year old and one year old twins which is exhausting in itself before you add an added pressure surrounding my social media feed.

So I have decided to show anyone who thinks I have the “picture perfect life” that this most certainly is not true. I would hate for people to view my social media feed and feel inadequate about their own. So below is the proof that behind every insta story and little square, behind every Facebook post is a whole reel of photos that might not be “perfect” enough to share…

Oh no one child is not in view or even looking at the camera. Better discard.

The natural look. No it’s not a lion it’s me before I went to the hairdressers… obviously!

Realities of twins: one happy one screaming. Yes my kids throw tantrums!

The scene once we removed the car seats before the valet! If you want to keep your car clean don’t have kids. Or maybe don’t have 3!

Oh no she isn’t wearing a cute outfit better not post as I don’t want people to think we are skanky! Yip somedays we all wear our comfies

And my personal favourite…

Wanting to take a cute photo and Isaac falls at exactly the same time as I snap. Don’t worry he wasn’t injured.

There are many more photos I could share with you but I’m sure you get it. I once heard someone say: “The problem with social media is that you compare everyone’s highlights reel to your behind the scenes footage.” I’ve now decided to only follow those whose photos I want to see and those who make me smile. Life is hard enough I don’t need to make it any harder on myself through social media. And with that I shall end by linking my own Instagram if you fancy taking a look … mama.nicolson

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