How I Survive The Week

There are 7 days, 168 hours and 10,080 minutes in one week. Some weeks I’m on point as a stay at home Mum (SAHM) and other weeks I would rather forget.

So how do I survive the week with my tribe of three?

1. Routine

I am a lover of routine. I need it to survive. It is my drug of choice! My morning routine goes a little like this:

Wake up, wash dress – check. Finlay washed and dressed – check. Twins washed and dressed – check. Breakfast for all three kids – check. Daddy doing the nursery run – check. Mummy soaking bottles, washing clothes, tidying kitchen, making nap bottles, tidying bedrooms – check. Twins play time – check. Twins nap time – check … and breathe! Once the twins are down for their nap I do one of two things depending on the day: 1 go to the gym or 2 chill out on the sofa!

Finlay is collected before lunch and our afternoon routine is usually more fluid depending on the weather and the mood the children are in.

2. Tidy up time

I have given up on tidying the house during the day. As long as I get my washing and drying done I am happy. Tidy up time usually begins at 4.45pm just before the children have dinner. Finlay is asked to tidy his mess and either David or I will tidy the twins’ mess. This means once the chaos of dinner, bath and bed is over I have a nice tidy living room to relax in.

3. Fresh Air

This one has been rather tricky lately with the weather we have been experiencing. But I do like to get out of the house and breathe in some “fresh” air. I’m longing for the summer months when we can visit the play park without being caked in mud after. And when I can finally open the back door and let the children play free.

4. Get Out Of The House

Linked to number 3. In order to preserve my sanity I need to get out of the house with the children at least twice a week. I would love it to be more as I value experiences to be had at museums and enjoy sharing a hot chocolate and cake with my eldest. But life with toddler twins just does not permit it. Too many tantrums to be had under the watchful eye of the general public!

5. Me Time

This year I’ve been trying to prioritise “me time.” I’ve come to the realisation that I need time by myself every day. Even if it is for an hour or so. This can be time to watch a tv show, work on my blog, listen to a sermon or just flop onto the chair staring into space. I need this time to recharge ready to do it all again the following day!

6. Caffeine

I was never a fan of hot, caffeinated drinks as a child, teen or even in my early twenties. People would think I was strange when I would choose a juice over a coffee or tea. But having twins and a singleton all within three years has driven me to the caffeine. I’m not a coffee or tea fan. My drink of choice is a Mocha. I buy the Nescafé Mocha sachets and will normally have one with my porridge once my morning chores are done. I suppose it’s better they drove me to caffeine than to alcohol!

7. Family Day

Saturday is my favourite day of the whole week. Why? Because we get to spend the day as a family all five of us! Daddy isn’t studying and Finlay isn’t at nursery and I don’t feel so outnumbered as the only adult around. I’m a planner (in case you haven’t guessed) so I like to have a plan for our family day. It will normally include a drive in the car somewhere. David and I love a good drive as it’s valuable chatting time to catch up, ponder big questions or just solve problems. Then we have an activity: museum, art gallery, shopping, science centre, country park the list goes on. And lastly we will always get a coffee whether it’s a takeaway one or a sit down one in a cafe. There will always be caffeine (see above point!)

Seven points to survive the seven days in a week!

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