Argh It’s Snowing… Again!

As a kid I loved snow. As soon as I caught sight of it falling from the sky I would be listening to the local radio in the hope of a snow day. As a child and teenager a snow day was bliss. A day off school to sit at home, watch television, drink hot chocolate and if you were up for braving the cold, sledging down the golf course hill.

Fast forward 15 years and a snow day is my worst nightmare! As a parent there is no such thing as sipping a hot chocolate while watching your television show totally uninterrupted. You spend longer getting everyone ready to brave the elements than you do outside “enjoying” them! And then there is the fear of running out of essentials such as bread for toast or yoghurts for your twin who won’t eat anything else at dinner time!

So you can imagine how I recently when nursery was off for three days and we were snowed in for four! *Insert nervous smile and eye roll*

No one I know would refer to me as “the Pinterest Mum.” I am normally found hidden in my living room underneath a pile of toys while the twins eat leftovers from their lunch two hours ago and Finlay watches Shrek for the 100th time! Hence why I have blogged before about getting out and about with the children… it’s for my sanity! (And to try and keep my house tidier). But on snow day number two I decided I could not take anymore of Donkey and Shrek’s quirky relationship and I decided to break out the craft box.

I’ve always had a nervousness about opening the craft box, especially when Finlay was younger. Crafting with a toddler is not for the faint hearted or anyone who dislikes chaos and mess, like me. But the joy it’s brought Finlay over the last week has made me switch off to the mess around and get stuck into the project with him.

First on his agenda was to create Robot puppets out of empty toilet rolls. We were all treated to a puppet show that evening and then got a row for being too loud and not respecting the show! The next day, at Finlay’s request to be more like Daddy, we turned a cardboard box into an iMac computer.

I have seen a real growth and maturity in Finlay recently towards art projects. He can now draw something that resembles a human and write a few letters from his name. He is recognising a capital F in words and signs and likes to say “Look Mum, there’s my F!” But I think what I am enjoying most of all about our new found hobby is that it’s ours – mine and Finlay’s. It’s something we can do together when the twins are napping, listening to our favourite songs while creating “masterpieces”.

The success of the craft box recently has made me rethink my approach to crafting. We are already planning our next project… A Pirate Ship!

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