Everyone’s Free To Wear Sunscreen

One of my favourite songs as a teenager was Baz Luhrmann’s Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen). Released in 1999 I did not stumble across the song till 2005/2006. It instantly became a hit with me and my best friend. We even downloaded it and listened to it on our MP3s (I’m showing my age!)

A selfie from 2006 when a selfie meant you turned the camera around and hoped for the best!

If you have never heard the song then once you’ve finished reading my post head over to YouTube and give it a listen. It was originally a piece written for The Chicago Tribune by Mary Schmich. It’s supposed to read as a graduation speech, full of inspiration and advice for the future. One of my favourite lines is “Be kind to your knees you’ll miss them when they are gone.”

While listening to a Spotify playlist last year (2017) the song popped up on my radar again and was instantly saved. Now approaching my 30s the advice was so much more poignant. And I understood it all clearly. Of course I forwarded it to my bestie and we had a few giggles and nods towards the songs lyrics.

As we enter another year I have decided to write myself a Baz/Mary inspired letter instead of making the boring, old, ready to be broken resolutions. Enjoy… oh and don’t forget to listen to the original song after!

Dear Victoria,

This year please make sure you spend time loving yourself. Do things that you enjoy and make time to catch up on your favourite TV shows. Do not forget to tone and moisturise daily you’re hitting 30 this year! Enlist the help of family / friends and go on more dates with your husband. Try not to let the mess get to you. Schedule long lies and make sure you drink enough water. Continue to go to the gym, you never know you might start to enjoy it! When things get tough remember you are loved. Don’t let negative comments or behaviours get you down. The haters gonna hate! Look forward to all this year entails: a wedding, trip to America, David’s graduation, Finlay starting school, family moving and milestone birthdays. Document it all and don’t listen when they complain you take too many photos. Above all cherish what you have.

With love and best wishes

Victoria x

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