A Year Ago…

I used to like checking in with my Timehop app to see what we had been up to “on this day” in previous years.  I have to admit this past year I haven’t had enough time to check the app. I’ve been caught up in the twin fog. But I don’t need an app to remind me what I was up to this time last year because it was exactly a year ago this week that we moved to Glasgow in preparation for having our twins. 

I have spoke in the past about Finlay’s traumatic birth, which you can read about here. After learning at 8 weeks gestation we were expecting twins I made the quick decision that I did not want to give birth to them in our small Island hospital. It was nothing against the hospital, maternity unit or staff but more my own thoughts of what ifs: What if they came early and needed to get flown away? What if one was sick and the other healthy? Who stays and who goes? 
Having already had a child swept off in an air ambulance and not being allowed to go with them I could not go through that trauma again. 
So here we were October 2016, at 34 weeks gestation making the 7 hour journey via ferry to Glasgow. As a Glasgow delivery was my own choice the NHS has no obligation to find us accommodation. But fortunately David’s extremely kind brother and girlfriend gave us loan of their spare bedroom. David was relegated to the blow up bed while Finlay and I shared the double. I was so big and heavy there wasn’t enough room for two adults in the double bed! 

I will forever be grateful for the kindness shown by David’s brother and his girlfriend. Unfortunately, due to my size and it being the last 3 weeks of pregnancy I could not fully enjoy their hospitality.  I could no longer drive. The furthest I could walk was about 5 minutes before the pelvic pain crept in and as you can imagine I needed to use the toilet every five minutes! On top of all this David was continuing his studies, meaning he was out of the house from 9am – 4pm. All my mobility constraints meant I relied on my brother (who was on his time off) to ferry us around. 

Week one came and went, though not very fast! By week two all three of us had caught a vomiting bug. It hit David first and took him two days to recover. It then took out Finlay and I at the same time meaning David had to nurse us both. We were gifted a weekend in a hotel to recharge but at the stage I was at nothing was enjoyable anymore. I just wanted to give birth to my babies and be able to breathe properly again! 
By the beginning of week three my brother had gone back to work off shore and I was confined to the flat during the day. I found this extremely difficult as I’m the type of person who needs to get out of the house at least twice a week. I would spend my days watching Disney movies and counting down the hours till David came home. Then in the evenings I would count down the days till my Mum was coming for the birth. Time goes by very slowly when you are counting it away! 
I had my last antinatal scan and appointment on the 2nd November and my Mum arrived the day after.  Even though she was staying a few miles away from us, having my mum close by made me mentally more calm.  It was Thursday when my mum arrived and I was scheduled for an induction on Monday evening. Come Friday night I was exhausted. I had pushed through three extremely uncomfortable weeks out with my own environment. I could hardly breathe, I certainly wasn’t sleeping and I longed for the day when I no longer had to take a Rennie tablet every half an hour. My mum kindly offered to take Finlay for a sleepover. David’s brother and girlfriend were away for the weekend so we would have the flat to ourselves. I was most looking forward to our lunch out and afternoon cinema date the following day! 
I never got to the cinema or for lunch because by 8.44am the next morning I had become a mother to three! Fortunately the flat was empty as I spent a good 2 hours on the toilet in denial I was actually in labour. What I thought was me peeing myself was actually my waters breaking with Autumn and what I thought was a case of bad guts was actually contractions. So you can imagine my surprise,when upon examination, the doctor told me I was 7cm dilated. Three hours later and both babies were here safe and sound. The first our families knew about it was getting woken up to a phone call saying the twins were here! 

This year I have taken more photos and videos than ever before. So many in fact that I had to purchase a new phone with more memory! I will be glad for Timehop in future years to look back on the many memories made this year. The first year of a baby’s life goes by so fast but I feel with twins it goes by doubly as fast! 

3 months old

6 months old

8 months old

11 months old

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