My Change Bag

This time last year we were getting ready to travel to Glasgow, where we stayed for three weeks before I gave birth to the twins. 
I had ordered my change bag, the Babymel Millie in navy and was rather excited about using it. I had gone for navy as I had wanted it to match with most outfits and something David wouldn’t feel too feminine carrying if he needed to. But as I went to fill it with items for the twins I could not for the life of me remember what you put in a change bag. It had been a good 2 years since I last used one.  I ended up having to text two friends who had just had babies to ask them what items they had inside their bag. 

In the early days my bag wasn’t too heavy but as the twins progressed from the Cow and Gate starter pack milk to their own bottles I found myself having to pack more in my already overflowing bag. Needless to say The Millie did not last long and at about four months I had already ordered my second change bag. This time one specifically made for twins: The Peanut & Piglet
What I loved (and still do) about this bag was that you could wear it like a rucksack. This meant that no one was going to get whacked in the face by my overweight bag as I carried both car seats. It also evenly distributed the weight which is a plus when again, you’re carrying two car seats. The extra space provided in the bag meant I could carry items I needed for all three children such as a spare pair of pants or joggers for Finlay. 
Over the months the staples in my bag have stayed the same. I always make sure I have it semi packed so if we do decide to go on an impromptu trip out I will more than likely only need to add fresh bottles and we are good to go. But to save myself the hassle I also have a Stroller Organiser that I keep attached to my pram. It contains two nappies each and a pack of wipes. So if we plan on going out for a short walk locally we don’t need to take the large change bag with us. 
Like most mums I’m sure, I am very particular about how my change bag is packed and organised. My video below will show you how and what I pack into my change bag:

My Change Bag – Video

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