When Mother’s Day Isn’t Perfect

Yesterday (Sunday 26th April) was Mother’s Day in the U.K. This was my 4th Mother’s Day but my first as a mum of three. I had stated to David a week before that all I wanted was a long lie and some of his homemade waffles (they really are as amazing as they sound, especially with Maple syrup and some bacon – yum!).

The week before Mothering Sunday was rather hectic for us. David, the twins and I had gone down to Glasgow on Wednesday as I was receiving laser eye surgery on the Thursday. We had left Finlay in the very capable hands of David’s mum and dad. We got home on the Saturday lunchtime ferry and then as you can imagine spent the rest of the day unpacking, tidying and washing all the dirty clothes – 4 loads might I add! We went round to David’s parents for dinner as we couldn’t be bothered to cook. So by the time Saturday came to a close both David and I were exhausted. Isaac (twin 2) hadn’t been sleeping well when we were away and it was rather draining. My sister came to help David with the 10pm feed and I went to bed a little early.

Fast forward to Sunday morning and I wake up with a bed full of children. Both twins had joined us in the middle of the night and poor David was exhausted with the constant dummy runs and nursing. Reluctantly he got up out of bed and took the twins downstairs for a feed making good on my request for a long lie. He returned about an hour and a half later with homemade waffles and bacon and left me in peace to eat my breakfast. So far so good. But the chaos seemed to intensify once I eventually ventured out of bed. Turns out poor David had an eye infection. He went to A&E and was sent home with a bag of eye drops and drugs. Then the twins couldn’t be calmed despite trying everything. Fortunately Finlay was on top form. After about another hour or so of tidying up twin feed mess, Finlay’s playroom, doing another load of washing and prepping lunch we headed out to my mum’s for our lunch (made by David). I thought I might get a wee minute to sit and relax at my mum’s house but sadly this was not the case. Poor Isaac wasn’t sleeping so needed a lot of nursing. All of this on top of the clock change which made us all out of sorts. An hour less on Mother’s Day – who decided that was a good idea?!

My mum could see David and I were at the end of our tether so she and my dad offered to take the twins and Finlay for a walk to allow us some time to ourselves. We walked home in the setting sun and just crashed on the couch catching up on admin tasks. Soon they returned and the bedtime routine/saga started with Finlay. Then the 10pm feed with the twins which I did so David could get an early night and rest his eyes.

Finally at 11pm I headed to bed and reflected on my day. It was just a typical day in the Nicolson household. Nothing out of the ordinary or special. It wasn’t drastically bad but it wasn’t amazingly good. Why did I feel like Mother’s Day had been such a disaster then? I think it was partly down to my lack of sleep and how exhausted and run down I felt but also social media had a part to play. Every time I scrolled down Instagram or Facebook I was met with perfectly framed and filtered photos of other mummies days or their beautiful handmade gifts. I am so glad they got spoilt rotten they deserved it but it left me feeling deflated. Am I the only mum who just had a normal day? I doubt it but the sad reality is normal days are boring. They don’t make for good pictures or nice captions. Maybe next year will be different. Maybe next year will be so extraordinary that I too will join on the band wagon and post a perfectly framed picture. We are all guilty of it. I mean who is interested in our “normal” days?

I hope all you mummies out there had a wonderful Mother’s Day. That you got spoilt rotten and have a photo to prove it!  And to those who had a “normal” day like me. It’s ok. It doesn’t make us any less of a mum or any less appreciated. And like I said there is always next year!

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